Why FHA?

Why You Should Get a FHA Loan

The Benefits of an FHA Home Loan

For years, the Federal Housing Administration has provided mortgages as a viable alternative to traditional home loans as a means of helping first time homeowners secure the financing they need. Because FHA are insured by the federal government, they are able to offer far more flexibility to borrowers than traditional lenders and banks are able to. These are the reasons why an FHA home loan could benefit you, and how DirectFHA can help you gain those benefits.

Bad Credit Manageable

FHA home loans are designed to be more feasible for the average potential home owner. Credit is weighted less than other factors compared to traditional loans. Applicants are normally not rejected based on bad credit alone. If you have a history of debt or credit issues, you should still apply. Our experienced team works closely with each and every client to help them manage and overcome any potential issue.

Easy Application

DirectFHA makes applying for an FHA home loan quick and easy. Our highly trained financial specialists are here to guide you through the applications process, and ensure you receive the best possible results. After filling out a simple, two step online form, one of our experts will contact you within 24 hours. For your own convenience, you can choose to be contacted via phone or email.

Perfect for First Time Buyers

An FHA home loan is an ideal choice for a first time buyer because the loans are flexible, cover a wide range of property types, have competitive rates, and are weighted less on credit scores than traditional loans. Millions of Americans depend on FHA mortgages to get into their starting homes, and able to invest in their futures, and DirectFHA will help you do it.

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